Thursday, November 1, 2007

Breaking the Silence

I haven't posted anything on DC United since before the Columbus game. There are several reasons for my silence. There are of course underlying psychological issues as we get to this point in any sport season (I have been a Chicago Cubs fan all of my life). There are of course the usual blogger's issues of family life and paying jobs keeping me from the keyboard. The biggest reason though,is sheer anger.

Here I am pimping Tom Soehn as COY primarily based on his great rotation work with the roster and he makes a bone-headed decision to run out the starting line up in a game that had no meaning, saying we needed momentum going into the playoffs! HELLOO!!! MY GOD we sent the reserves to USOC games and there was hardware involved!

There seemed to be an uproar over Soehn's decision and tactics in the first game in Chicago. As a stand alone game I thought they were great, very smart. Give a couple of injured, key players some rest and try to play for the draw. Everyone felt the 4-5-1 was a huge mistake(the bright side:he didn't give a 3-5-2 a thought!), but Kpene looked better versus the Crew than he had all season, possibly on the verge of a break-out performance. When we dropped a goal he put the key players in and we just couldn't do anything in the final third. Again, I thought the tactics were sound.

But there was absolutely no reason we should have had two key players injured on the sideline!

So after two weeks of pyscho therapy working through my post season issues and my anger, along with guilt from DCenters I'll try to post again.

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